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Wieviel Schlaf braucht man für eine gesunde Selbstfürsorge?

How much sleep do you need for healthy self-care?

Sleep is an important aspect of our lives that helps us regenerate our bodies and minds. But how much sleep do we actually need? This question worries many people and is often underestimated. Getting enough sleep is crucial to our physical and mental health.

How much sleep do You need?

The recommended length of sleep varies depending on age and individual needs. A sleep duration of 7-9 hours per night is usually recommended for adults. However, children and adolescents need more sleep due to their growth and development. However, not only the duration but also the quality of sleep is important. A restful night's sleep is essential for our body.

How can You determine Your sleep needs?

If You're unsure how much sleep You need, You can use a simple method to determine Your individual sleep needs.

  1. Go to bed at the same time every night and get up at the same time every morning for a week.
  2. Pay attention to how much sleep You need to feel rested and fit.
  3. If You have an average sleep duration after a week, You can use this as a starting point for Your future sleep routine.

How can we improve our sleep?

There are several ways to increase the quality of our sleep. A healthy sleeping environment, regular bedtimes, and relaxation exercises can help promote healthy sleep. A healthy diet and sufficient exercise also help to relax our body and mind and enable a restful night's sleep.

Another important aspect that is often neglected is the importance of sleep hygiene. This includes things like avoiding caffeine and alcohol before bed, using comfortable pajamas and pillows, and avoiding screen time before bed. A pleasant room temperature and sufficient air circulation also contribute to restful sleep.


In summary, adequate and restful sleep is vital to our physical and mental health. By adopting healthy sleeping habits and creating an optimal sleeping environment, we can improve our sleep and contribute to a healthier life.

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