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Wohlfühlfaktor Haut - was beeinflusst Deine Haut und wie reagierst Du?

Feel-good factor skin - what influences Your skin and how do You react?

Beautiful skin gives You a confidence that helps You feel comfortable in Your own skin. However, there are many factors that can affect Your skin. In this article, we want to help You understand what affects Your skin and how to make the best choices for Your skin.

What affects Your skin?

Your skin is affected by many factors, including environmental factors, lifestyle, diet, and genetics. The environmental factors include UV radiation, air pollution and temperature. Lifestyle factors include sleep patterns, stress levels, smoking, and alcohol consumption. Your diet also affects Your skin health, including eating fruits, vegetables, and water. Your genetics also play an important role in the health of Your skin.

How does the environment affect Your skin?

Environmental factors like UV rays and air pollution can damage Your skin and cause it to age faster. UV rays damage the collagen in Your skin, which is responsible for elasticity, and can cause pigment spots. Air pollution can also cause damage to the skin by producing free radicals that damage skin cells. Temperature fluctuations can also cause skin problems as they can dry out and irritate the skin.

How does Your lifestyle affect Your skin?

Your lifestyle can also affect Your skin. Sleep patterns are an important factor in the health of Your skin. A lack of sleep can lead to dark circles and a tired appearance. Stress can also lead to skin problems, such as acne or psoriasis. Smoking and drinking alcohol can also cause damage to the skin.

How does Your diet affect Your skin?

Your diet plays an important role in the health of Your skin. Eating fruits and vegetables can help keep Your skin nourished. Water is also important for the health of Your skin as it helps keep it hydrated. Eating oily fish, nuts, and seeds can help provide Your skin with omega-3 fatty acids, which can help keep Your skin healthy.

How do Your genetics affect Your skin?

Your genetics also play an important role in the health of Your skin. For example, if there is a family history of skin diseases, there is a higher chance that You will also be affected. If You know that certain skin problems run in Your family, You should adapt Your lifestyle and skin care to Your genetic predisposition early on.

This is how You can improve Your skin health with a holistic approach

Natural cosmetics are an easy way to protect Your skin from the irritating effects of chemicals. The Wohlsam natural cosmetic products consist exclusively of natural ingredients from controlled organic cultivation that pamper You under Your skin.

A combination of natural care products and a healthy lifestyle consisting of a balanced diet, regular exercise, sufficient sleep and relaxation is the key to healthy skin. However, certain ingredients can irritate the skin during skin purging, causing redness and flaking. You can find out more about this here . You can support these measures with very simple skin care tips for everyday life.

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