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Starke Regelschmerzen - Helfen Hausmittel?

Severe menstrual pain - do home remedies help?

As a woman, You know it all too well: when menstruation is due, menstrual pain can often be an unpleasant accompanying symptom. But what helps against that? Fortunately, there are a variety of natural methods that can help You reduce pain and feel better.

While nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) can be very effective for period pain, they also have potential side effects. Therefore, it is worth trying alternative methods.

Local warmth against menstrual pain

The good old hot-water bottle is not a popular home remedy for menstrual pain for nothing. Studies have shown that local heat of 40 to 45 degrees Celsius can relax muscles. Try it out and put the hot water bottle on Your lower abdomen or back.

Ginger - an effective alternative?

Ginger tea can also be an effective remedy for period pains. One study showed that women who took one 250 mg capsule of ginger root powder four times a day for three days from the start of their period were similarly effective for pain relief as those taking mefenamic acid or ibuprofen. Other medicinal herbs such as chaste tree or St. John's wort can also help relieve menstrual pain.

Sport and exercise for menstrual pain

While it can be tempting to just stay on the couch during Your period, regular exercise could actually help reduce pain in the long run. A study has shown that after 8 weeks of regular exercise three times a week, there is a significant reduction in menstrual pain. So grab Your sports shoes and get moving!

Acupressure as a natural method

Acupressure is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and can also help with menstrual pain. The so-called SP6 meridian, also known as the "Sanyinjiao" point, is on the inside of Your lower leg, four finger widths above Your ankle. Research has shown that applying light pressure or massaging this meridian can lead to significant improvements in period pain. Try it out and massage the SP6 meridian during Your period.

self care

Don't forget that self-care is especially important during this time. Maintaining a routine on Your own can help You connect with Your body and make You more aware of Your needs. A massage with the Moontime Balm - period balm could be a wonderful way to relax and embrace Your body.

No matter which method You choose, take time for Yourself and listen to Your body. You deserve to be comfortable in Your own skin, and I hope You soon find a way to reduce or eliminate period pain altogether.

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