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The hour of birth of Wohlsam

Wohlsam is a natural cosmetics brand dedicated to functional and purposeful cosmetics. High-quality natural ingredients are combined with the latest medical knowledge and synergies are created between the individual ingredients in order to improve health holistically.

Wohlsam was developed and launched on the market by founder Manuel Seiler, who has been dealing with holistic medicine and the positive effects of natural ingredients on the organism for decades.

"I have been confronted with skin diseases such as psoriasis and neurodermatitis within my family since I was a child and over the years I have developed formulas to help my loved ones. Nature as a strong cornerstone in holistic medicine offers solutions that we should use. I want mine Sharing knowledge and products that have helped my family, friends and customers so much with the world in the form of Wohlsam,” says the 35-year-old.

In his complementary medicine practice in Baden near Vienna,, he specializes in women's health. He encounters women-specific issues related to the menstrual cycle on a daily basis, such as PMS and endometriosis. In naturopathy, the beneficial effects of various herbs have been known for a long time and are gladly used by clients as another pillar in the context of a holistic treatment approach to enhance well-being during menstruation



At Wohlsam, the Earth's resources and Your unique needs are taken seriously. Our products embody a passion for the healing powers of nature and a respect for the complexity of the human body.

Our values - Your guarantee


Our products are free from harmful chemicals and are produced without animal testing. We ensure that all ingredients are carefully selected based on ethical and ecological considerations, sourced from organic farming, and meet the highest quality standards.

Self-care haven

Menstrual pain, restless sleep, tense muscles, and sensitive or extremely dry skin that's out of balance - we can't make these things disappear, but we can make sure that You still feel a little more comfortable in Your own skin.


Health and holism are not just words for us. We see them as a life concept that considers physical, emotional, and mental self-care as the most important components of health.


The effect of functional natural cosmetics is based on the combination of individual active ingredients and their synergies. It's about more than just the appearance of the skin. Wohlsam's products are intended to have a holistic effect on the organism. This means that they should not only improve skin care but also have a positive impact on Your well-being.


Our approach to functional natural cosmetics sets us apart from other cosmetic brands. We use high-quality natural ingredients that can have positive effects on the skin and the body. We also incorporate current insights from medicine and science to enhance the synergies between the various ingredients in our products.

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