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Warum Frauen endlich offen über Regelschmerzen sprechen sollten

Why women should finally talk openly about menstrual pain

Period pain is a common problem in women around the world. There are more than 1.5 million searches on this topic on Google every month. The search queries aimed at relieving the annoying cramps range from fast-acting home remedies to desperate cries for help such as “stop period pain forever”. It's gratifying to see that talking openly about period pain has become a trend in our culture as well. For a long time it was taboo to talk about this topic in public.

Historically, women were supposed to keep their pain and remedies to themselves. Menstrual periods were considered unclean in many cultures, and women were brought up to face their ailments on their own. It is incredible that indigenous peoples monitored women to prevent them from disturbing the world and balance through their periods.

Why are period pains so painful?

Period pain is a known problem for almost all women. However, about ten percent of women suffer from pain so severe that they cannot cope with their normal everyday life for at least one day (up to three days). The symptoms range from uncomfortable pulling to unbearable cramps in the abdomen, which often radiate to the lower back or legs. Some women also complain of headaches, dizziness and nausea. The pain originates in the uterus, where the mucous membrane gradually detaches as the muscles contract and relax.

Cultural change enables women to speak up about their concerns more openly and to give them a voice. A special moment to finally be heard. This includes injustices in everyday life as well as issues related to women's health. More and more celebrities share their painful periods, endometriosis or medical misdiagnoses with people and thus encourage "normal" women to address their menstrual pain without shame in public and to find out about holistic painkillers.

One reason it has taken so long for women to speak openly about their pain is the vicious circle in which many women feel they have to endure everything. Medical help is often only sought when the pain becomes unbearable. But there are alternatives that allow us that the period no longer has to be a monthly agony.

It's really sad that the menstrual taboo is still so prevalent, harassing and discriminating against women all over the world. It's frustrating to see many doctors prescribing drugs without understanding side effects, leaving women exposed to long-term health problems.

But there is hope. By focusing more consciously on our health and looking for alternative treatment methods, we can do our bodies good in the long term . It's great to see women around the world looking for natural pain relievers and adopting sustainable methods for pain relief .

We should be more mindful of ourselves and our bodies and take care of ourselves. By avoiding stress, eating anti-inflammatory foods, and drinking soothing herbal teas like soothing MoonTime tea , we can boost our health. And the hot-water bottle is of course always a good option!

Let's break the menstrual taboo together and fight for a world where women can stay healthy free from shame and embarrassment.

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